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If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please immediately contact your medical practitioner & self-isolate at home. Get tested if you are advised to do so & remain in self-isolation until you receive your test results. Failing which, you are likely to infect others. Be a responsible citizen & help to contain & prevent the spread of COVID-19.      

Contactless Bank Card


ABSACapitecFNB or RMBInvestecNedbankStandard BankForeignOther


For security reasons, Gautrain does not store bank card numbers. Instead, bank card numbers are converted to a token which we then save. Click here to obtain a token and follow these easy steps:

• Enter the 16-digits as displayed on the front of the contactless bank card

• Click on “Generate” to obtain a token

• Copy the token

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our Customer Care Centre on 0800 428 87246 (0800 GAUTRAIN) daily from 05h30 to 20h00, use the LiveChat feature on the Contact Us Page or send us an email at Thank you!