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2020-09-26 13:02 From Monday, 28 September, the train service intervals on weekdays will be reduced. Trains will operate at 12-min intervals in peak periods (05h30 – 09h30 & 14h30 – 18h00) & at 24-min intervals in off-peak periods (09h30 – 14h30 & 18h00 – 20h30). On weekends & public holidays trains are available every 30 minutes throughout the day. The weekday bus service timetable will be amended accordingly.

How To Use The Parking

Upon entering the parking facilities for the first time, please take a paper ticket at the parking gate. If you already possess a Gautrain Card or will be using a Contactless bank card, simply hold your Card to the place indicated on the parking gate and the boom will open.

When using a Contactless bank card, the rail-user discount will not be applied when receiving a paper ticket on parking entry. Please be sure to tag in and out of the parking using your Contactless bank card.

Rail -users enjoy discounted parking fares when exiting the parking within 1 hour of using the train. Non-rail users will be charged standard parking fares.

Upon exiting the Parking

  • Please ensure that you have sufficient pay-as-you-go value loaded onto your Gautrain Card in order to pay for your parking. Watch our instructional video.
  • If a paper ticket was received upon entry and a Gautrain Card was purchased before exiting, simply insert the paper ticket into the parking gate at the exit boom and hold the Gautrain Card to the place indicated on the parking gate.
  • If a Gautrain Card or Contactless bank card was used to access the parking, simply hold the same Card used on entry to the place indicated on the parking gate.
  • If a paper ticket was received on entry and no Gautrain Card was purchased, please visit the Ticket Office to pay for your parking before exiting.
  • If you park for more than five days you will need to settle the payment at the Ticket Office before tagging out at the parking fare gate

How to use the parking facility with a Contactless bank card