How To Use The Train Service

The Gautrain train service operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A detailed train schedule with arrival and departure times may be accessed using the Gautrain mobile app, at any Gautrain station or here.

During Peak Times trains depart at 10 minute intervals
During Off-Peak Times trains depart at 20 minute intervals.

To access the Gautrain train service each passenger is required to possess a Gautrain Card with a minimum value of R34 loaded onto it. Alternatively, you may use your Contactless bank card to travel on Gautrain train, bus and parking included. To tag in and out, follow these simple instructions:

1. First time users, purchase and load your Gautrain Card at the station or you may use a Contactless bank card.
2. A Contactless bank card or Gautrain Card with a minimum of R34 Pay-As-You-Go value or a valid Train Product is required to enter the Fare Gates.
3. Tap your Gautrain Card or Contactless bank card to the ticket reader on the Fare Gate.
4. A green light and a beep sound will indicate validation and the glass barrier will open. Proceed swiftly.